The Beginning


Riveting Division first began in 2017 as the result of reinventing a previously existing brand. With a new start and new approach, we began developing modern, urban wear with modern fabrics for various climates, conditions, and occasions. With direct access to a multitude of quality suppliers and manufactures, we have full confidence in each and every product from the beginning to end stages.



Our foundation, Flight is Not an Option™, is derived from the Fight-or-Flight human response that describes when an individual is in a situation that is out of their comfort zone and they decide whether to face the situation head on (Fight) or flee the scene out of their own self-doubt and fear (Flight).

Product Development


We aim to always create and design products that will be different from the thousands of other already existing brands, which is why we dedicate a large amount of time doing design, durability, and other various tests and only release products that excite us and that we genuinely want to wear ourselves.